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Grafický dům s.r.o.
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32600 Plzeň
Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 602 358 004

Executive head:
Ing. Jan Nágr

Company registration number: 14707292
Tax registration number: CZ14707292
"Advertising must sell! Its wit is employed only to sell - everywhere, always, directly or indirectly. That is to say, in a broad sense, it is to effectively and profitably put forth what has been commended to its mediation. Profitably, of course, so that advertising expenses do not significantly reduce the net profit.
An advertisement that does not sell is a car that does not run or a radio that does not play. Simply put, it is a waste and of no use.
And yet we have far more ineffective advertisements than we are aware - those who produce such advertisements are the less knowledgeable. Still, knowledge does not in itself enable one to do the job. But, this much is certain, the better and more effectively an advertising campaign is thought-out and prepared, the simpler are the tools that can be used and the more likely it is to achieve its goals. Simplicity and spontaneity are the primary necessities of modern advertising - in words as well as layout."

By Jindra Vichnar, in Prague, 1934

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